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Announcements: Firefox and Safari rich-text editing support added


Firefox and Safari rich-text editing support added


On the whole this upgrade has been very well received, although there has been one major disappointment; Microsoft promise of full support for non-IE browsers not fulfilled.  Users of "Safari" and "Firefox" web browsers at UVM have noted the absence of the rich-text controls that are present for IE users when editing Sharepoint content.  To add rich-text content, users of these non-IE browsers had to enter HTML tags manually. 

Fortunately, Microsoft heard the cry of angry and disappointed Sharepoint users.  Subsequently, the Telerik ASP.NET developer company was contracted by Microsoft to adapt their award-winning radEditor control for Sharepoint:
The radEditor for Sharepoint  adds rich-text editing controls to Sharepoint Discussion Boards, Lists, Blogs, and Wikis.  Additionally, a "radEditor" Web Part is added which allows for the addition of Firefox-compatible content in "Web Part Pages" (such as the entry page of each Sharepoint site.

We are pleased to announce that as of April 10th, this new "solution" has been added to our Sharepoint server.  Go ahead and try it: access a Sharepoint list from Firefox.  Create a wiki, blog, or entirely new site. Do it without fear, because now Sharepoint is for everybody... see how it works out for you.




Created at 4/10/2007 5:45 PM by MacKinnon, James
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