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Announcements: SharePoint updates - External Users, Enhanced Blogs


SharePoint updates - External Users, Enhanced Blogs


We are please to announce two major new features for ETS's Windows SharePoint Services... account management for "External Users", and an "Enhanced Blogging" feature:

External User Management:

It is now possible to request the creation of accounts for "external users" though the SharePoint site administration pages.  "External Users" are people who do not have UVM NetID accounts.  These may be research collaborators at other Universities, or students at peer institutions.  These accounts are based on the email address of the external user, and can be used exclusively for access to SharePoint.

Read more about the "External User Management" here:
Also available is a screencast video demonstrating the process of requesting an external user account.

Our thanks to the Microsoft Solutions Accelerator Team for providing the framework for this valuable enhancement:

Enhanced Blogging:

If you have used SharePoint blogs in the past, you may have been disappointed by the relative lack of features in comparison to blogging platforms such as Movable Type or WordPress.  However, you now can activate the "Enhanced Blog Edition" feature of any SharePoint blog and gain access to a variety of additional features such as anonymous comments, Akismet spam filtering, CAPTCHA image for spam comment detection, trackbacks, and themes.

Read more about activating the "Community Kit for SharePoint: Enhanced Blog Edition" here:

We are indebted to the Community Kit for SharePoint team for making these features available:

On the Horizon:

  • A major upgrade to the rich-text editor used in SharePoint sites is expected in the next few months.  Expect significant improvements in page editing with this release, due by the end of this summer.
  • More documentation:  Keep an eye on the SharePoint "How-to" library for more tutorials and videos on the use of SharePoint at UVM:
    Please let us know what information you need most so that we can target development of that documentation.
  • We are keeping an eye on the Community Kit site for additional product releases.  Enhancements to SharePoint Wikis and additional Blog themes are in the works there.
  • Currently we are testing a new "RSS FeedReader Web Part" to allow the importing of RSS/ATOM feeds into your sites.  You can experiment with this web part now, adding external feed data to your site:
  • We plan to migrate to at 64-bit Windows Server 2008 platform this summer.  This will improve the scalability of our SharePoint solution.
  • On the back-end we are working to enhance SharePoint backup and restore features, and to improve systems monitoring so that we can provide the highest quality of service to you.




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