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SharePoint How-to: ExternalUsers

Entry point for Windows SharePoint Services at UVM

About External User Accounts: 

SharePoint integrates with the UVM "GuestNet" system to allow people external to UVM to access private SharePoint content.  This feature is useful if you need to collaborate with people who are not directly affiliated with UVM.  Typical examples are research collaborators at peer institutions, or students who are involved in cross-institition projects but do not attend UVM.

 Requesting External User Accounts:

Visit, and follow the link under "Account Services" to "Share computing resources with a campus guest".  From this page you can add and delete guest accounts and retrieve passwords for accounts that you sponsor.  Additional information about guest accounts can be found on the following page:

Usage and Restrictions:

 External accounts created by SharePoint have the following restrictions: 

  • External users must login using the account name format "GUEST\[guestNetID]".  Email addresses will not be accepted as a valid username.
  • UVM Affiliates may, by default, sponsor five or fewer guest accounts at a time.  If you need to managed more than five accounts, you will need to request this right though (or call x62006).
  • SharePoint guest accounts are valid for a default period of one year.  You can request accounts with a shorter validity period if you know that access will not be required for a full year.  We are working on the capability to extend the validity period for guest accounts so that they will not have to be re-created on expiration.