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SharePoint @ UVM Landing Page


SharePoint How-to: Home

Entry point for Windows SharePoint Services at UVM

General Tips:

You don't need to use a VPN client in order to access SharePoint through a web browser. SharePoint already encrypts traffic using SSL.

Common problems with SharePoint Login

Creating New Sites:

Creating a new Site Collection
Choosing a Site Type

Managing Site Content:

SharePoint is designed to work entirely within a browser.  However, many other tools have been developed that can work with SharePoint content.  You may find these tools convenient to use if you need to work with SharePoint content offline, or if you have more advanced content formatting needs that are provided in the SharePoint content editor.

Managing Site Access:

UVM Enterprise Technology Services supports the use of UVM's "GuestNet" guest account management system to grant SharePoint access to individuals outside of the University.

External Users and SharePoint

Browser Configuration:

Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome both support "passthough" authentication.  If you are a user of the "CAMPUS" Active Directory domain, these browsers automatically will re-use the credentials that you provided to Windows at login time to gain access to SharePoint.  Mozilla Firefox has this capability as well, but it needs to be configured manually:
Enabling Passthough Authentication in Firefox