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SharePoint How-to: LiveWriter

Entry point for Windows SharePoint Services at UVM

Editing SharePoint Blog Content with Windows Live Writer

Although the rich-text editor that is installed on the UVM SharePoint server is very powerful, some users may prefer to use an offline Blog editor for post creation. One popular offline Blog editor for Windows is the Windows Live Writer. Live Writer will run on Both Windows XP and Vista, and fully supports SharePoint as a blogging platform.  Tight SharePoint integration makes Live writer an ideal tool for SharePoint bloggers.

One of the strengths of Windows Live Writer is the ability to insert pictures, videos, and other multi-media content into your blog posts and upload them directly into SharePoint.  This integration of rich content is accomplished without having to deal with the hassle of "alternative upload URLs", HTML tag editing, or other technological barriers.  Beginning bloggers may find this feature particularly appealing.

Installing and Configuring Windows Live Writer:

  1. Download the Windows Live integrated installer from
  2. Launch the "WLInstaller" installation program.  WLInstaller may offer to install several Windows Live applications such as "Live Mail" and "Live Messenger" in addition to "Live Writer" and the "Sign-in Assistant".  These additional applications are safe, but are not required to run Live Writer.  Just allow the installation to complete.  This will take several minutes.
  3. Once Live Writer is installed, you can start if by going to your "Windows" or "Start" menu, and selecting All Programs|Windows Live|Windows Live Writer:
  4. The first time you start Live Writer, you will be asked if you wish to set up a "Live Spaces" account.  This is not necessary, so you should select "I already have a blog provider":
  5. Next, you will be prompted to select your blog provider type.  Select SharePoint weblog as your account type:
  6. If you have used Live Writer before, you will need to start up the account creation process manually.  If this is the first time you are starting Live Writer, skip to step 7, below.
    1. Add your SharePoint blog as an account in Live Writer by going to the Tools drop-down menu and selecting Accounts:
    2. Once the Options dialog box opens, click Add in the Accounts page:

  7. Enter the URL of your SharePoint weblog home page when prompted.  This URL will always begin with, and end with the name of your weblog:
  8. If you are accessing your blog from a system that has been joined to the CAMPUS Active Directory domain, and if you have logged in to your computer using your UVM NetID, you will not need to provide any additional user credentials to post content to your weblog.  Users of other system will need to login to post content.  You will need to provide your credentials in the format of "CAMPUS\NetID", where "NetID" is the account ID that you use for accessing common UVM resources such as email:
  9. You will be prompted to allow Live Writer to create a temporary post in your weblog.  This is a safe activity, and should be allowed if you want Live Writer to emulate your weblog theme when creating posts:
  10. You will be prompted to give your new account a "friendly name":

    Click finish, then enjoy publishing to your blog!