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SharePoint How-to: OfficeBlog

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Posting to a SharePoint Blog Using Microsoft Office

Support for blog posting is included with Office 2007 and later.  This feature works well with SharePoint blogs and wikis.  Thus, Microsoft Office Word and OneNote serve as good tools for posting richly formatted web content to SharePoint.  Note that SharePoint 2010 and later include "Office WebApps" which allow SharePoint site visitors to view Office document contents even if they do not have Microsoft Office installed on their local computer.  As a result, you may want consider saving Office documents in their native format to a SharePoint document library instead of "Posting" as a blog.  However, blogs will render faster and are easier to view on a larger variety of devices (such as smart phones and tablets).

If you do not have access to Microsoft Office products, you also can use the similar (and free) "Windows LiveWriter" product to generate and post to SharePoint blogs.


To connect Office to a SharePoint blog, use the following procedure:

Launch Word or OneNote, and open the document that you want to publish.  In Word 2013, go to the "File" menu, and select "Share", then "Post to Blog".  Click the "Post to Blog" button:


(OneNote 2013 presents differently.  You will need to go to the File menu, click "Send", then select "Send to Blog".) 

If you have never posted to a blog from Office before, you will be prompted to set up a blog account.  Click "Register Blog" to continue:


In the "New Blog Account" dialog, select "SharePoint Blog" from the drop-down menu.  Note that "WordPress" blogs also are supported.  If you maintain a WordPress blog through, you can register this account as well:


In the "New SharePoint Blog Account" dialog, paste in the URL of your blog.  You can get this URL by opening your blog in a web browser, and copying the address from the URL bar of the browser, then select "OK":


The Word Blog Publishing tool now will open.  The contents of the document that you intend to blog will be reformatted for the web, and can be touched up here prior to publishing.  Note that you can select "Insert Category" to use the "categories" feature of your blog in this post.  Once you are satisfied with the format of your post, simply click "Publish".  You then can view the blog post in your default browser by clicking "Home Page":


Once published, you can update your blog post from within SharePoint, or re-publish from Office.