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SharePoint How-to: SharePointWorkspace

Entry point for Windows SharePoint Services at UVM

Using SharePoint Workspace to Connect to Document Libraries

Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows includes a tool for managing SharePoint content called "SharePoint Workspace".  This is a renamed version of the Microsoft "Groove" client first included with Office 2007.  Workspace allows for bulk upload/download of SharePoint content, as well as enabling offline access to SharePoint.

SharePoint Workspace is replaced by SkyDrive Pro in Office 2013.  ETS recommends the use of SkyDrive Pro for people who are just getting started with SharePoint, as SharePoint Workspace now is an "end of life" product.  On the Mac platform, the Microsoft Document Connection is available and offers similar functions.

To use SharePoint Workspace, you fist must have Microsoft Office 2010 installed on your machine.  Office is available free-of-charge to all University faculty and staff when used on University-owned computers.  See for details.  Once you have Office installed, launch Workspace by going to the Start Menu, select "All Programs", then "Microsoft Office", then "Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010".

The first time you launch Workspace, you will be prompted to add an account.  This account is used to allow computer-to-computer synchronization of SharePoint Workspace content.  This account will not be tied to your University account in any way.  To proceed, simply select "Create a new account", then select "Next":

The name and email address associated with the Workspace are not important, but you should provide valid Name and E-mail Address information, just to avoid confusion in the future.  Once your data is entered, click "Finish":

 The Workspace "Launchbar" will appear.  Go to the "New" menu, and select "SharePoint Workspace":

You will be prompted to enter the "Location" of a SharePoint Workspace to which you will connect.  You can obtain this Location data by visiting your SharePoint site in a web browser, then copying and pasting the site address as it appears in the browser address/URL bar:

When you first connect to your site, Workspace will synchronize all of the site data to your local computer.  Note that not all data can be synchronized, so some errors or warnings are expected during this initial sync process:

Once you have synced your site, you then can open the site from the Launchbar.  You can navigate through your different SharePoint site parts on the left.  The contents of the parts will appear on the right.  Note that you can drag-and-drop contents from Windows Explorer into Workspace, thus allowing for easy bulk-document upload and download.  The interface also supports check in/check out operations in SharePoint, allowing you to lock documents for editing:

This guide was intended to get you started with SharePoint workspace.  For additional help, please see the documentation included with the product.