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SharePoint How-to: SkyDrivePro

Entry point for Windows SharePoint Services at UVM

Using Microsoft Office 2013 "SkyDrive Pro" to manage SharePoint Documents

 In previous versions of Microsoft Office, tools were provided to allow for synchronization and editing of SharePoint content on your Windows desktop.  Under Office 2013, these tools have been updated and re-branded as "SkyDrive Pro".  (Note:  Mac users can use the Microsoft Document Connection to manage files in SharePoint 2010 and later.  SkyDrive Pro is not available on the Macintosh Platform.)

SkyDrive Pro is simple to configure and use.  To start, retrieve the URL of the SharePoint document library that you want to make available to Windows.  Open a browser, access your Document Library, and copy the Library address from your URL bar:


Now, launch SkyDrive Pro.  Shortcuts to launch SkyDrive Pro can be found in the "Microsoft Office 2013" program group.  Also, because SkyDrive Pro will be running by default on any system that has Office 2013 installed, you can access it from your system tray.  Simply right-click the SkyDrive Pro icon and select "Sync a new library":


Next, paste your library URL into the SkyDrive Pro "Which library fo you want to sync?" dialog, then click "Sync Now":


Your library will be copied to your local computer, and will appear in the Windows File Explorer under "SharePoint" in the "Favorites" section.  You can sync multiple document libraries using SkyDrive Pro.  They will appear in a list:


You can interact with these SharePoint document libraries in the same way that you work with local files.  Drag-and-drop operations are supported.  Any changes made to documents using SkyDrive Pro will be saved to the SharePoint document library automatically.  Conveniently, documents in the library remain available to you even when you do not have an internet connection: