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SharePoint @ UVM Landing Page


Entry point for Windows SharePoint Services at UVM


WAIT! Create your new site on SHAREPOINT 2016! 
by Peter Brooks - SAA Admin
 4/5/2018 9:47 AM

In late April or early May we will be switching all new site creation over to SharePoint 2016!

If you can wait a few weeks, you'll get a shiny new SharePoint 2016 site!

If you need a SharePoint site right now, you can still create it on SharePoint...

Create your own site... 
by J. Greg MackinnonNo presence information
 4/5/2018 9:34 AM
If you can wait until early May, you can create your new site on SharePoint 2016!
If you wnat a new site right now, you can create your own SharePoint site collection on SharePoint 2010.
(More Announcements...)


SharePoint self-service site creation
Use this form to create your own SharePoint site at UVM.
Active Directory Services at UVM
Information pages for all Active Directory-based services at UVM.  Includes basic directory services, CAMPUS file and print services, Sharepoint, WSUS, and MS SQL Server
UVM SharePoint mailing list
Community support forum for Windows SharePoint Services at UVM.
Windows Sharepoint Foundation Tech Center
The Microsoft home page for SharePoint Foundation 2010
SharePoint 2010 Community Forums
Microsoft-hosted SharePoint 2010 Technologies Forum.  This forum is for general discussion and questions to the community.
Howto: External users
SharePoint allows site owners to request the creation of special limited-access accounts for users who are external to the University.
SharePoint 2010 FAQ at MindSharp
MindSharp Consultings SP 2010 FAQ site.  Full of useful solutions, templates, web parts, and free tools.  Mostly targeted at SharePoint administrators, but contains some content relevant to site owners and designers as well.
Safari Books Online - Search
The search interface for Safari Books Online - a collection of online information technology books, available through the graces of the UVM Libraries.  Try searching for "Windows SharePoint Services".
Microsoft Resources for "End-Users", SharePoint 2010 Foundation
Microsoft's SharePoint 2010 Resources page, targeted towards you... the actual users of SharePoint.  Self-paced training, videos, and reading resources are included on this page.