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Campus Active Directory Services at UVM


Documentation, information, discussions, and announcements concerning UVM's Active Directory based File Sharing, Printer Sharing and other Windows Server platform based services.


UVM Active Directory and Windows Services are two separate, but intrinsically linked service suites.

Windows Services consists of the following centrally-funded offerings:

  • Home directories - for secure personal file storage.
  • "My Documents" folder redirection - with Offline-file synchronization to provide automated file backup.  This allows mobile users to access their documents when disconnected from the network.
  • Shared folders - for secure storage of departmental documents
  • Backup services - performed automatically for all personal and shared files, with a three month file retention policy
  • Self-service file recovery - for recently modified or deleted files
  • Print services - network printer location, connection, and driver distribution service
  • Windows Sharepoint Services - Web-based collaboration tools with MS Office integration 
  • Microsoft SQL Server - database hosting

Windows Services are are backed by our Active Directory (AD) Services.  Our Active Directory is an independent project, but Windows Services users also receive these services:

  • Ongoing support for the hardware and software that run the UVM Active Directory forest.   Support includes security, redundancy, upgrade, backup, and maintenance of for the domain controller servers.
  • Integration with the campus UVM NetID (Kerberos-based) authentication service which allows UVM NetID authentication at the desktop
  • Integration with the campus LDAP directory service which automatically creates the single sign-on accounts for faculty, staff, affiliates, and students in UVM Active Directory
  • Delegated Organizational Unit (OU) Management for distributed IT staff
  • Integration with the campus (BIND-based) DNS service
  • Migration assistance for:
    • Departments running separate Windows 2000/2003 AD Forests
    • Departments running legacy NT 4.0 Domains
    • Departments using Enhanced LAN Services
  • Easier computer resource management through Group Policy Objects (GPO), remote software installation, and the establishment of minimum security requirements. The UVM Active Directory enforces a baseline set of policies.  Advice on creation and configuration of additional policies also is provided.
  • Minimal security patch management for associated Windows desktop and server system using Microsoft Windows Server Update System (WSUS).
  • Forum for discussion of Active Directory and Active Directory Security issues through a Design Group and this dynamic web site.
  • Notice of important changes and scheduled maintenance through the IT-Announce and IT-Discuss mailing lists.
  • Events and Announcements lists (available on this site), which detail important events and milestones
  • A FAQ page to help administrators find a quick solution to common problems.
  • Support for user and machine certificates using Active Directory-integrated Certificate Servers