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Print server failures - status update


I would like to take a moment to apologize for the recent failures of our central print server, "printers", and to give you a report on the work we are doing to remedy the situation.  So...
  1. Apology: Sorry sorry sorry!
  2. What we are doing:
    • In the near term:
      • We have identified a problem in our server monitoring system which was delaying status alerts.  You should get a much faster response from us in the event of future print server failures.
      • We have identified an HP print driver component on the print server that appears to be causing a CPU race condition.  We are searching for an update to this component, or a workaround which will allow us to remove the component from the print server.
      • Additional CPU resources to the print server which may help it to ride out these "hog" conditions.
    • In the longer term:
      • We are planning to spread our current pool of 321 managed print queues onto several separate servers, instead of using the current model of a single "mega" print server.  By separating the load, we limit the potential of a single failing driver from spoiling the party for everyone.  We are in the early planning phases for this project, and still are trying to determine how to minimize disruption from this change.  We also have yet to determine the best method for distribution of the queues (by print driver vendor?  by department?).
      • Print servers will be upgraded to Server 2008 to provide more robust backup and recovery options, and also to improve services for Vista clients.




Created at 8/27/2008 2:28 PM by MacKinnon, James
Last modified at 8/27/2008 2:28 PM by MacKinnon, James