UVM Active Directory
Department Designator Codes

The following is a list of six (or fewer) letter designator codes for individual departments.  The purpose of these codes is to serve as a seed for the generation of unique object names in the UVM Active Directory.  OU, User account, Computer account, Security/Distribution Group objects, and Group Policy objects created by Container (OU) Adminsitrators should use the codes to ensure the uniqueness and easy recognition of their objects.

Codes are chosen based on clarity and name collision avoidance.  The Enterprise Administrators will work with departments to choose a mutually-amicable designator.  A change in the designator code of a department will entail a lot of work for the container administrator, so great care should be taken in the selection of this code.

Current designator codes:

Admissions ADMS
Architecure and Engineering Services AES
Audit Services AS
Athletics ATHL
Bailey/Howe Library BHL
School of Business Administration BSAD
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences CALS
Consumer Assistance Program CAP
Career Services CAREER
College of Arts and Sciences, Dean's Office CASDEAN
Cashier's Office CASH
CATCard Services Office CATCARD
College of Education and Social Services, Dean's Office CESS
Center for Health & Wellbeing CHWB
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences CAS
Continuing Education CE
Computing and Information Technology CIT
College of Nursing and Health Sciences CNHS
Department of Alumni Relations DAR
Diversity and Equity DIVEQ
Douglas Johnson Research Lab DJLAB
College of Engineering and Mathematics EM
English Department ENGL
Entomology Research Lab ERL
CATalyst Project ERP
The UVM Extension EXTEN
Office of Financial Analysis and Budgeting FAB
Faculty Senate Office FACSEN
Graduate College, Dean's Office GRAD
History Department HIST
Human Resources HRS
Institutional Studies IS
Living and Learning Center Director's Office LLDIR
McNair Scholar's Program MCNAIR
College of Medicine MED
Military Studies Department MIST
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Department MMG
Office of International Education OIE
Office of Sponsored Programs OSP
Physical Therapy PT
Religious Studies Department RELGN
Registrar's Office RGIS
Risk Management RMG
Student Service Center SSC
Radiation Safety Office RSO
Staff Council Office SCO
Student Financial Services SFS
Student Government Association SGA
Student Life STLIFE
University Communications UCOMM
University Training and Development UTD
James Vigoreaux Research Lab VIGLAB
VP for Finance and Administration VPFA