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Internet resources containing helpful information on OS deployment, Application distribution and packaging
Microsoft's "content center" for BDD and "Deployment 4" (also known as BDD v4).  Contains a FAQ, links to development blogs, and links to key documentation.
Useful for installing any/all Windows updates, XP and Vista compatible.
Link to the AutoPatcher Forums at  This post is a list of "essential threads", including links to the latest releases and the latest add-on modules.
This tool allows you to create an XP CD with pretty much every driver of XP in existance slipstreamed in.

It requires a little extra legwork to make it function in an unattended installation, but it is quite functional.  Groovy!
Very good resources on configuring unattended installs, including links to "Bashrat the Sneaky's" DriverPacks tool, XPCreate, RyanVM, and a very handy list of common Registry Tweaks.
Contains links to useful tools for application deployment as well as entries for configuraiton of unattended installation of many popular applications.
Great Blog from a New Zealand MS consultant, focused around BDD.  Contains a great "top ten" mistakes list, and a potentially useful "custom task sequencer" entry that I have not quite been able to puzzle out just yet.
Another BDD Blog, apparently by one of the developers.  This entry on creating custom Task Sequence entires was particularly helpful.
Another BDD Blog
Contains a great package for adding a "Role" selector to the BSS LiteTouch menu system.  We should do this!
Great project for building an unattened OS install system... supports netboot quite nicely, runs on Windows and Linux.

Site contains excellent documentation with resources for configuring your own unattened application installers.  Specific links on installer technologies (MSI, InstallShield, INNO, NullSoft) are especially useful
Good doc on configuring mass storage drivers into Windows PE-based build-out.  Not specific to BDD 2007, but "Distribution Share" info should still apply.
Wiki detailing configuraiton of an unattened boot CD system.  Lots of application-specific config notes.