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Scripts: Network provider order

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Not great news so far....


You cannot change the connection order during an unattended setup. There also is no programmatic way to change the binding order of network adapters for a computer that is running. This inability to make a change is a problem if you want to programmatically move one local area connection ahead of another local area connection. However, no documented programmatic method exists for changing the order of the adapters.

The sysprep command removes any networking configuration, and the networking configuration is reconfigured when you run the command. Because the sysprep command writes data to many registry settings and files, the sysprep command is difficult to use to force a change in the binding order.

However, if you want to influence the binding order during unattended setup, you can try to specify one network adapter in the Sysprep.inf file. If you specify the local area network (LAN) adapter and then leave the other adapters to be detected after setup by the Plug and Play feature, Windows may put the LAN adapter at the top of the bindings list. For more information about how to disable network bindings, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
263241 How to disable network bindings using the [Netbindings] section