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Application Configuration Notes: AutoPatcher

Documentation and logs for UVM OS and application distribution methodologies
Use of autopatcher has been discontinued... It takes forever to run and is cumbersome to maintain.  Notes here are provided out of historical interest.

AutoPatcher is a free tool for deploying updates to Windows 2000, XP, 2003, and Vista.  It runs interactively by default, but can be scripted using an INI file:
Note that the above link references the pre-May 2007 versions of AutoPatcher.  Syntax has changed since then:
We add AutoPatcher to the list of pre-requisite applications for the empty application "Microsoft Windows XP Updates".

To install AutoPatcher and make it available via BDD:
  • On the BDD server, install AutoPatcher to <DistributionShare>\Applications\AutoPatcher<Platform> (i.e. E:\Distribution\Applications\AutoPatcherXP).
  • Install AutoPatcher update packs to the same location
  • In the BDD workbench, add a new Application "AutoPatcher", selecting the "installed on the network" option (meaning, the application is already where we want it, so don't let BDD move the files!).  Note that the path syntax below is different from most other applications as AutoPatcher cannot run from a UNC path... you must have a mapped drive!  %DEPLOYDRIVE% gets resolved to the drive that is mapped to the deployment share by the LiteTouch scripts (usually Z:).
    • For the working directory, enter "%DEPLOYDRIVE%\Applications\AutoPatcher".
    • For the command, enter "autopatcher.exe /unattend /answerfile:%DeployRoot%\applications\autopatcher\uvm_default.aaf /nobackup /screenlog /noreboot"
    • Create the "uvm_defaults.aaf" file actually by running AutoPatcher.exe on a reference XP system, select all critical/security updates in the GUI (and any additional tweaks that you want run as well), then save these options to file "uvm_defaults.aaf" (this is an option under the "advanced" button).
    • When new updates to autopatcher.exe are released, this file will need to be updated.