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Application Configuration Notes: Dell ControlPoint Security Drivers

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The Dell ControlPoint Security Drivers are required in order for the "Dell ControlPoint Security Manager" to function.  The installer includes drivers for various security technologies on E-series Latitude Notebooks and 9xx/7xx OptiPlex desktops.

The installer is InstallShield 7.x based, so it should support the standard "/s" silent installation parameter, but there is a problem with the "setup.iss" silent installation file that Dell included with the installer... it does not contain the correct version string.  We just needed to run setup in recording mode, capture the correct version string for the installer, and copy it over the version string in the default "setup.iss" that Dell included in their installation package.

Here are some troubleshooting tips:
  • When testing silent installation mode on an InstallShield app, include the /f2"[path to log file]" flag to define a log file to be used for the installer.  The log file will help to identify installer failures.  In this case, the error was "silent installation file does not contain required information".
  • To create your own silent installation file, run "setup.exe" with the "/r" parameter.  Your responses will be recorded and saved to %windir%\setup.iss (although I think you can change the destination filename and path using the /f1 parameter).
  • An installShield Setup.exe will use the "setup.iss" file located in the same directory as the installation exe as the default silent installation control file.  You can call a different silent installation control file using the "/f1" parameter.