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Application Configuration Notes: Dell Wireless 360 bluetooth module

Documentation and logs for UVM OS and application distribution methodologies
This installer appears to be an InstallShield application which installs drivers, performs a BT firmware update, and then calls a "Vista Profile Pack" (for Bluetooth) MSI-based installer.
Documentation is not great for the product, but running "setup /?" does indicate that a "/s" (silent) install mode is supported, and that "/v" can be used to pass parameters to MSIEXEC.  The only tricky part is that any parameters following "/v" cannt contain any padding, unless they are delimited by quotation marks.
Thus, we could use:
setup.exe /S /v/qn
To run setup.exe silently, with the embeded MSI installation routine also having no UI feedback.  Alternatively, we could use:
setup.exe /S /v"/qb /norestart"
to run setup.exe silently, while allowing the MSI installation to provide hands-free graphical feedback to the console.  "/norestart" is thown in to suppress prompting for a reboot.