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Application Configuration Notes: DirectX DX

Documentation and logs for UVM OS and application distribution methodologies
DirectX DX utilizes the update.exe OS update engine for XP.  However, like many other post-Genuine Advantage updates, it cannot be slipstreamed into the OS installation source.  Instead, we need a shell script to extract the installer package contents and then silently run the embedded dxsetup program.
Our installation script follows this general format:
@Echo OFF
REM Extracts DirectX redistributable to TEMP directory:
pushd "\\sysimg2\Distribution$\Applications\Microsoft DirectX DX (Feb2007)\"
directx_feb2007_redist.exe /Q /T:%temp%\directx /C
REM Runs DXSetup program extracted above with silent switch:
pushd %temp%\directx
start /wait %temp%\directx\dxsetup.exe /silent