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Application Configuration Notes: ESET NOD32

Documentation and logs for UVM OS and application distribution methodologies
NOD32 version 3 and higher uses MSI-based installer packages.  All that is required to customize the installer is to include an XML-based configuration file in the same directory as the MSI package that is provided by ESET.

The installer file must be named "cfg.xml", and it can be generated using the ESET Remote Administration Console/Server.  At present, we have made only the following changes from the baseline configuration:
  • added "" as the management server
  • added as the update mirror source, defined "esetuser" as the login name for the mirror, and provided a password for NTLM-based authentication.

At least for the first pass, we have not provided a license file, nor have we configured a second-tier update server (such as a fallback to ESET's central update servers).

Installation uses the following syntax:
msiexec /qb! /i <productMSIFile> REBOOT="ReallySuppress"
We need to adjust the product MSI name depending on whether we are installing 32-or-64 bit products.

It is possible that additional installer tweaks will be required in the future.  We may need to disable Windows Defender, and we many need to make provisions for "student installers" which will allow us to retire students from our license pool as time passes.