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Endnote installation is achieved though standard MSI directives:

msiexec /i ENX4Inst.msi /qb

To license the product, you must include a valid "License.dat" file in the same directory as the installer MSI. This file can be generated following instructions in the Endnote deployment guide, and will require a valid activation code.

I have put together an automated build script which will wrap up both files into a self-extracting archive which will run the msiexec command automatically.  The script requires the "7-zip extras" (available from sourceforge), and config files for sending instructions to the self-extractor.  These files need to be placed in your local filesystem relative to the batch script, as indicated in the script.

Here is the Windows batch file:

REM @echo off
@echo on

echo Repackages Endnote X2 MSI with current license file.
echo You MUST previously have created an "administrative installation 
echo of EndNote using "msiexec /a .msi" using the "admin" folder as
echo your destination. Any patches must be pre-merged
echo using "msiexec /update .msp /a .msi".folder folder before running
echo this script. Echo Cleaning up old builds... del *.exe set /P enver=Enter the Endnote full version number to build (i.e. "12.0.2"): set /P sver=Enter the Endnote X-version number to build (i.e. "4" for EndNote X4): Echo Repackaging Endnote installer... ..\bin\7zr a .\installer\UVM_EndnoteX%sver%_setup_%enver%.7z .\admin\* copy /b ..\bin\7zS.sfx + .\config\config_reduced.txt + .\installer\UVM_EndnoteX%sver%_setup_%enver%.7z .\installer\UVM_EndnoteX%sver%_RSetup_%enver%.exe copy /b ..\bin\7zS.sfx + .\config\config_full.txt + .\installer\UVM_EndnoteX%sver%_setup_%enver%.7z .\installer\UVM_EndnoteX%sver%_ISetup_%enver%.exe Echo Cleaning up build environment... del /f /q .\installer\UVM_Endnote*.7z

Here is the config_reduced.txt (unattended setup) file:

ExecuteParameters="/i ENX4Inst.msi /qr"

And here is the config_full.txt (interactive setup) file:

ExecuteParameters="/i ENX4Inst.msi /qf"