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Application Configuration Notes: GNU Aspell

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The GNU Aspell installer for Win32 supports a simple silent installation swtich "/silent".
In addition to the Aspell installer, you will need to install at least one language dictionary.  These are provided as ".exe" installers at  Unfortunately, the installer wrappers do not support a silent mode.  However, the contained setup files so support silent installation.  Just extract files from the dictionary installer using WinRAR, 7-zip, or something similar, then copy all files in the "TmpInstall" subdirectory to your distribution point.  The contained .exe also also uses a simple "silent" switch.
Here is a two line batch to accomplish the install:

@echo off
REM Installs GNU ASpell Win32 silently
REM Requires standard GNU ASpell installer and extracted dictionary installer
REM (dictionary installer distributed from site does not support switches, but setup file contained within the archive does. Just download the disctionary, and extract using 7-zip, WinRAR, etc.)

Echo installing ASpell binaries:
Aspell-0-50-3-3-Setup.exe /silent
Echo installing English dictionaries:
setup-Aspell-en-0.50-2.exe /silent