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Application Configuration Notes: Internet Explorer 7

Documentation and logs for UVM OS and application distribution methodologies
Internet Explorer 7 utilizes the XP operating system update engine (update.exe), but for reasons relating to the "Windows Genuine Advantage" program, it is not possible to slipstream the update into the XP source media (as is the case with most other "update.exe" updates).
Instead, we call the redistirbutable installer with the following command line arguments:
IE7-WindowsXP-x86-enu.exe /passive /nobackup /update-no /norestart
The /passive switch suppresses all end-user prompting, while /nobackup and /update-no greatly speed up the installation process.  /norestart suppresses a reboot at the end of installation to allow for further software installs; however, IE7 will not function untill an OS reboot takes place so it is recommended that a reboot be performed shortly after the passive install completes.