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Application Configuration Notes: Lotus Approach

Documentation and logs for UVM OS and application distribution methodologies
Documentation on Lotus SmartSuite is hard to come by, but fortunately the key bit of informaiton that we need is in the Lotus SmartSuite 9.8 installation CD...
The file "ReadNet.rtf" in the "Lotus" directory of the SmartSuite CD details how to perform an unattended install of SmartSuite.  In out case, we want to perform a silent install of Lotus Approach only.  We also want the product to install in the "Program Files" directory rather then the default "c:\lotus".  Here is the procedure:
  • backup the original "instsuit.rsp" file in the "Lotus" directory (
  • edit the file
    • For each component section other than Approach, change the install option from "1" to "0".
    • Change the "INSTALLDIR" option to "C:\Program Files\Lotus"
      (Note that use of the environment variable %ProgramFiles% is not supported)
    • Set "ALLUSERS" option to "1"
    • save the file
  • Run the "setup.exe" with the following switches:
    setup.exe /v"/qb RSP=\"<path to RSP file>\instsuit.rsp\""
    (Note the presence of the "\" character in front of the quotation marks following "RSP".  This is required otherwise the installer will not interpret the "RSP" declaration correctly)
    (When running setup.exe from within the "LiteTouch" installation environment, specify the "RSP" setting as follows:
    RSP=\"%DEPLOYROOT%\Applications\Lotus Approach 9.8\instsuit.rsp\"
    This will ensure that setup is able to locate the RSP file regardless of the distribution share that is used.