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Application Configuration Notes: Microsoft Office 2007

Documentation and logs for UVM OS and application distribution methodologies
We use the MS Office Customization Toolkit to perform a silent installation.
Import the Office CD contents into the Distribution Share using BDD workbench.  From the command line, navigate to the root Office install directory.  Run "setup.exe /admin".  This will launch the customization GUI.
We inject our volume license key, change install mode to unattended with modal suppressed (means you will get a progress bar, but no prompts).  We also configure an Outlook profile with UVM IMAP settings pre-populated.  Here, we use the option to create a new Outlook profile and set it as the default.  If the user is logging in using their domain account, they will not need to make any adjustments to the profile.  If they log in as another user, they will need to change the configured user account name before the profile will function.
Save your setup file into the same directory with the office setup.exe.  Call installation using this syntax:
setup.exe /adminfile=<filename>.msp