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Application Configuration Notes: Windows Live Applications

Documentation and logs for UVM OS and application distribution methodologies
In the past, the Windows Live suite had a well documented OEM installation routine in a single MS KB article.  With the release of "Wave 3" of Windows Live, the Windows Live tools (now "Windows Live Essentials") require the use of a Windows Live OPK.  Fortunately, it appears that you do not have the be a true OEM system buider to get the OPK:

I have downloaded the kit, and will update the docs below after I have a chance to work though the process.  In the meantime, we are simply pre-installing our Windows Live tools of choice into our system images.

Wave 2 Windows Live Unattented installation:

Windows Live Writer is just so darn useful to me that I thought I should see about adding it to LiteTouch...

MS has a good document on unattended setup of Windows Live services for OEMs:

To run in silent mode, we use the following switches:
WLInstaller.exe /silent /configfile: wlconfig.txt
(note the important space after the colon... install will fail without the space padding.)

The "wlconfig.txt" file has the following content:


The p= indicates that a list of product codes to be installed follows.  I then supply a comma-separated list of product codes (each terminated with a "*0").  Additional config options follow separated by "&" symbols.  s=0 disables setting Live Search as the default search engine.  h=0 disables setting MSN as the home page.  c=0 disables customer experience enhancement program participation.  t=0 disables the "terms of use" page.

I decided to pre-install Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Photo Gallery, and Windows Live Writer, while leaving the "Messenger", "Search Bar", and "Family Security" out.  Why?  It is kind of arbitrary, I guess... Live Mail and Photo gallery are significant enhancements to tools that were included with the Vista Operating system... I guess the same could be said of "Messenger", although we are already installing a supported IM client (Pidgin), and it makes itself quite obnoxious by starting up at login time by default.  "Family Security" will just create trouble on business desktops. "Live Search" would be perceived as "just more browser clutter"... we don't install the Google toolbar, so why add on the MS version?