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Campus Active Directory Services at UVM > Distribution
Documentation and logs for UVM OS and application distribution methodologies


Documentation work has begun... 
by MacKinnon, JamesNo presence information
 4/12/2007 5:49 PM
Document libraries created for generic work notes.  Use for info such as configuration of individual applications, build out of operating system sources, and other "unstructured data".
Discussion boards present for change logs (WinPE builds,...

 File Share Links

 Public software distribution share
 LiteTouch distribution point
 Public share for production WinPE builds (WDS, LiteTouch)
 Microsoft Volume Licensed Software Distribution Point

 Useful Resource Sites

 TechNet BDD 2007 Documentation Online
 Microsoft Deployment Connection
 AutoPatcher - Windows Update tool
 AutoPatcher Forums - Essential Threads - THE tool for integrating drivers into XP
 MSFN "Unattended" Reference Guide
 Ben Hunter's Blog
 Michael Neihaus's Blog
 Richard Smith's TechNet Blog
 Scheffelmaer's Blog - BDD, PowerShell, more
 "Unattended " SourceForge project, Geeks Guide to Mass Storage and Windows PE
 Technet - XP Tablet PC single-image deployment
 DiegoStart Wiki