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Macintosh Integration


Solution Notes: ExtremeZ-IP

Information on Macintosh Integration with Active Directory Services at UVM
ExtremeZ-IP from Group Logic is a AFP (Apple File Protocol) implementation for Windows file servers.  

Optional support for Shadow Copy/Previous Versions ("ShadowConnect")
Optional support for Microsoft DFS ("DFSConnect")
Compatible with Windows Print Services for distribution of Macintosh printer PPD files
Compatible with Macintosh AFP client back to OS 9.
Support for Time Machine backups over network.

Projected Costs:
Group Logic has two purchasing models.  It is difficult to know which will be best until we know how many file servers will require ExtremeZ-IP, and how many Macintosh Client would access these services.

Perpetual License:
  • $5000 per server for the initial purchase, plus 25% to add "ShadowConnect" feature.  Maintenace cost is 25% per year.
Site License:
  • Annual cost of $16,000 per year for 200 clients.  Product can be installed on unlimited servers, and includes all features (DFSConnect and ShadowConnect).  Site License model requires 100 client minimum, starts at $7000 per year (need to check that figure).  Additional per-client license cost is not know at this time.

  • Requires no client-side configuration (unless using the DFSconnect option, which may require reconfiguration of local plist files)
  • Compatible with all versions of OS X
  • Expected to provide better performance and reliability than Macintosh CIFS clients

  • Cost
  • Impossible to enforce the use of CIFS by Mac clients, so advertized resource-fork and file name handling  features may not prove useful.
  • Does not replace the Mac Active Directory plugin, so use of Centrify DirectControl Express will still be necessary.