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Latitude D820YesYes
Firmware update may be required to use TPM.  Fingerprint reader option not yet supported under Vista.  Aero Glass not currently available when using Intel Graphics adpater, but support is expected for this driver soon.
Yes - with optional display adapter
Latitude D620YesYes
Firmware update may be required to use TPM.  Fingerprint reader option not yet supported under Vista.  Aero Glass not currently available when using Intel Graphics adpater, but support is expected for this driver soon.
Yes - with optional display adapter
Optiplex GX620YesYes
Earlier releases may not have compatible TPM.
Yes - with optional display adapter
Optiplex GX260NoNo
Requires Intel Network Adapter update not included on RTM media.  Video support is marginal at best.  However, installation is functional.
Performance is not outstanding given slow drive speed on these devices.  Memory upgrade to 1Gb RAM recommended.  However, Tablet enhancements make any compromises worth the reduction in performance.
Optiplex GX270NoUnknown
*Mike Fitzgerald*
All device Drivers present
Note - No TPM device available on this model
Fully loaded with all standard UVM apps -- No problems with running/installing existing apps.
Fresh intall took approx 35-40 mins on WDS server
Latitude D800NoYes
*Ben Schacher/Phil Plourde*
More to come from notes
Latitude D600NoYes


Install time ~45 min.  All drivers present except: Multimedia Audio Controller and O2Micro SmartCardBus_Reader.  Audio drivers are available for Vista on the Dell website.  No driver available for O2Micro SmartCardBus_Reader.  No TPM device in system.

Upgrade recommended as long as system meet minimum requirements.  See attached doc for further details.

-Ben - as of yet I can not get my hands on a m285 e, that is available for upgrade.
Latitude D810NoUnknown
upgrade performed by helpline consultant, appears to be running normally. Not sure if they had installed correct version of SAV, or vpn. tracking down the upgrader to see if they kept notes.
Latitude D610NoYes
more to come
*Matt Stattle/ Ben Schacher
2/28/07 Duel core T2500 2.0 GHz processor, 1.0 gb RAM, 80gb HDD (i think). Initial compatibility report stated that the Vista OS could not be installed with current bios level (Phoenix ROM BIOS plus v 1.10 A01. Bios upgraded to A07 from website. Re-start the installer after upgrading bios, and install proceeded normally
Tecra M7YesYesYes
Latitude D410NoYes
Mike Fitzgerald
See attached results
Overall install process-  Base install
notables -- 2 missing drivers
Audio driver missing / PCI communications device missing driver
Optiplex Gx280NoYes
Ben S
Easy upgrade/ 2 hrs in time.  The notable thing here was that the upgrade client forced...***FORCED** me to uninstall Nero OEM from machine befoe proceeding with the upgrade. 
This is the basic set of requirements that microsoft feels is the baseline architecture
Optiplex gx240NoNo
This is evidence to support ETS's descision to have the hardware cutoff to be not at or below the gx240 (hardware cutoff). Unless the 240 was a custom order from the depot and has better than 1.0gb ram, and a 40gb or bigger hdd. -Upgrade advisor recommended a new video card (suprise) -Known issues with the installed software -RAM, video -Known program related issues with the default uvm image (patched) -Intel Proset -SAV 10.1.4 -Java 2 SE runtime environment (upgrade) -Messenger (upgrade) -Active synch (no advice) -Ghost v 7.0 The experience -- This upgrade took better than 4 hours to complete (~12:29-5:30), after the upgrade was complete, it took another 2 full minutes to log in to the user desktop. The online update process failed to download the updated vista installer package, but was sucessful the 2nd time around.
Based on a test by Alan Howard, Vista can be installed successfully on a partition created through Bootcamp. The driver CD created in the process is for Windows XP Pro and drivers on it must be installed individually. Wiki research yields reliable support suggestions for this, e.g. Apple's Bootcamp is still in beta testing, Vista is not recommended in the Bootcamp documentation, but it will install and run if you load drivers separately. The problems seen with installing Windows XP pro on intel macs also occur with Vista: a problem with needing an external 2 button mouse to right click at all, and the problems with iSight, bluetooth, and other mac "enhancements" persist.

With the arrival of Boot Camp 1.2, most problems encountered previously have been resolved. Boot Camp 1.2 creates a driver CD that successfully updates all drivers to be Vista compatible. One remaining problem: if Vista shuts down abnormally and reboots, you cannot use the keyboard to move the cursor off the "Start Windows normally" choice and onto "Safe Mode" choices because the Apple keyboard driver has not yet loaded. (Alan Howard)