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Optiplex gx240

Vista Logo compatible


Aero Glass support


Upgrade recommended



This is evidence to support ETS's descision to have the hardware cutoff to be not at or below the gx240 (hardware cutoff). Unless the 240 was a custom order from the depot and has better than 1.0gb ram, and a 40gb or bigger hdd. -Upgrade advisor recommended a new video card (suprise) -Known issues with the installed software -RAM, video -Known program related issues with the default uvm image (patched) -Intel Proset -SAV 10.1.4 -Java 2 SE runtime environment (upgrade) -Messenger (upgrade) -Active synch (no advice) -Ghost v 7.0 The experience -- This upgrade took better than 4 hours to complete (~12:29-5:30), after the upgrade was complete, it took another 2 full minutes to log in to the user desktop. The online update process failed to download the updated vista installer package, but was sucessful the 2nd time around.


Created at 8/13/2009 1:38 PM by MacKinnon, James
Last modified at 8/13/2009 1:38 PM by MacKinnon, James