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Vista Logo compatible


Aero Glass support


Upgrade recommended



Based on a test by Alan Howard, Vista can be installed successfully on a partition created through Bootcamp. The driver CD created in the process is for Windows XP Pro and drivers on it must be installed individually. Wiki research yields reliable support suggestions for this, e.g. Apple's Bootcamp is still in beta testing, Vista is not recommended in the Bootcamp documentation, but it will install and run if you load drivers separately. The problems seen with installing Windows XP pro on intel macs also occur with Vista: a problem with needing an external 2 button mouse to right click at all, and the problems with iSight, bluetooth, and other mac "enhancements" persist.

With the arrival of Boot Camp 1.2, most problems encountered previously have been resolved. Boot Camp 1.2 creates a driver CD that successfully updates all drivers to be Vista compatible. One remaining problem: if Vista shuts down abnormally and reboots, you cannot use the keyboard to move the cursor off the "Start Windows normally" choice and onto "Safe Mode" choices because the Apple keyboard driver has not yet loaded. (Alan Howard)


Created at 8/13/2009 1:38 PM by MacKinnon, James
Last modified at 8/13/2009 1:38 PM by MacKinnon, James