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Vista Deployment Planning


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Application Compatibility Testing for software that is commonly used at UVM by not officiall supported
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Please note: ETS recommends Gaim/Pidgin

AIM text chat seems to work with no special configuration -- out of the box.  

AIM video conferencing requires configuring to open a set of ports on the firewall on Vista (and make sure they're open if you're behind a firewall on campus or at home). has the salient features.  Here's the key one:
Ports to open for Mac OS X firewall

When using the built-in Mac OS X firewall, you only need to open these ports: 5060, 5190, 5297, 5298, 5678, 16384 through 16403
The real nuisance is that range, 16384-16403.  That's where I did just one port last fall because of the time it takes to open a new firewall port on Vista -- one at a time, no ranges allowed.  This time, I did them all.  And the AIM video conference worked!

AIM ____ with Logitech Orbitz camera
David Todd
1.0 RC1, 1.0
Real Player is required for "webcasts" using on24 server.  The download site has no mention of Vista, but downloading the "latest version" seems to work. 

When installing Real Player, one may want to uncheck many media types that Real Player would like to play, including many that can be played by Quicktime, iTunes, and Windows itself.

With FireFox, one must allow the Vista firewall to unblock FireFox to allow incoming connections. 
v10 GOLD  basic player was tested
Dean Williams