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YesYes, with workaroundPartially
I never did get audio working, but slides displayed properly. 

Microsoft Live Meeting (at least with FireFox) requires:
  1. Java: FireFox sort of leads you to do a manual download and installtion of Java 6 update 1 from
  2. Hotfixes for Vista and for Office 2007
As part of joining a meeting, Live Meeting Console was downloaded and apparently installed. 

Dean Williams
Running the system test

appears to suceed after installing Real Player (see separate Real Player entry). 

Note that you have to restart FireFox after installing and testing Real Player. 

Tested with FireFox 
Dean Williams
As a very cursory test, 10' in PeopleSoft HR with Vista and FireFox seems successful with:
  - View paychecks
  - exception time reporting (view only)
  - Query viewer (including download xls file)
  - Modify a person (view only)
Dean Williams (for limited testing done 2 May, 2007)